ULTRA THIN - 3/8" thick, , 3/16" thermal insulation, up to 65 watts/sq. in.
Omega’s high performance heater band for processing high temperature engineering resins. The first improvement in ceramic heaters since the introduction of "Insulation Plus"TM by Omega in 1975.
"Ultra-Thin" heater bands have the same basic construction as our standard ceramic heaters except they are much thinner and have a high ratio of thermal to electrical insulation. The thin ceramic insulation’ used results in a lower mass construction, which improves response to control and minimizes temperature lag and overshoot.

The backside thermal insulation is highly efficient and results in minimal heat loss and lower sheath temperature.
The "Ultra-Thin" has averaged 100 deg. F lower sheath temperature when tested against other high temperature heaters at 600 deg. F cylinder temperatures.
The "Ultra-Thin" without thermal insulation and with a perforated sheath is ideally suited for air cooled systems.
"Ultra-Thin" heaters are constructed of all high temperature materials. The heater element itself is computer designed for maximum wire size which results in a long service life. Developed primarily for high temperature, high watt density plastic processing machinery, this premium performance heater can be used in many other applications.
Insulation - 3/16" thick thermal insulation (ceramic fiber)
Sizes - Minimum 1D 1-1/2" (38.1mm) 1" wide and up
Terminals - Post Terminals Standard ( 10-24 Thread or 1/4"-20 Thread)
Sheath - Stainless Steel
Lock-up - Flange or Barrel Nut Standard
Standard Gap - 1/4" when tightened
Metric Sizes available
Wall Thickness - 11/32" (+1/32", -.00)
Temperature - Up to 1400 Deg. F
Watt Density - Up to 65W/Sq. in. (9.9 W/C2)
Voltage - Up to 480 V (Single or three phase)
Resistance-Tolerance +10%-5%
Wattage Tolerance +5%-10%
Maximum Amperage - 20/Circuit
A - Armored Cable (BX)
B - Braided Over Leads
C - Plain Leads
D - Right Angle Armor
E - Right Angle Brald
F - Partial Coverage
G - T/C Hole (specify location)
H- Inner S.S. Liner
I - Ground Stud or Wire
J - Dual Voltage
K- Latch-Trunnion Lock-Up
L- Overlap on shell at gap
M - Standard Terminal Box
N- Low Profile (1" high) Terminal Box
O - Ceramic Terminal Caps
P - Quick Disconnected High Temperature Plugs

For other options consult factory!

Special Note:
These are completely flexible radiant heaters. Heavy clamping
pressures are not required regardless of heater size. No need for
hinged, two piece, or expandable designs associated with mineral insulated (MI), mica or other conduction type heaters.