AIR COOLED - Developed Especially for Air Cooled Systems

Omega Heater Company’s new, super-efficient and economical air cooled ceramic heater bands are designed for use on extrusion machinery or on any heat/cool operation. Omega’s new heater bands feature 63% open perforated metal sheath, which assures maximum surface area exposure. They also provide the user with a more economical operation, via a rapid heat-up and cool-down feature. Advantages of air cooled vs. Liquid cooled operation include: lower cost, replaceable heaters, low maintenance, no leak problems, and close temperature control.

Omega’s new air cooled ceramic heater bands are available in various sizes to either accommodate new designs or to replace less efficient, more expensive cast aluminum heaters.
Omega Heater Company also offers a full line of custom and standard heaters and controls.
Temperature - Up to 1400 Deg. F
Watt Density -Up to 45 W/Sq. In.
Voltage - Up to 480 V (single or three phase)
Resistance -Tolerance NEMA Standard plus 10% Minus 5%
Wattage Tolerance - NEMA Standard plus 5%, Minus 10%
Maximum Amperage - 25/Circuit
Sizes - 2" dia. And up: 1-1/2" width and up (in 1/2" increments 
Terminals - 1/4"-20 post terminals standard 
Sheath - Aluminized steel
Lock-up - Flange type steel
Maximum ID - Consult factory
Standard width increments -1/2"
Standard gap when tightened - 1/4"
Thickness - 1/2"
A - Armored Cable (BX)
B - Braided Wire
C - Lead Wire, No Braid or Armor
D - Terminal Connectors on studs - Ring lugs
E - Partial Coverage
F - Thermocouple hole in element area
G - Thermocouple hole in gap area, notched
H - Twist Lock Plug on leads
I - Wider than normal gap, specify
J - Ground stud
K - Dual Voltage - for bands 2-1/2" or more in width

Note: A) Terminal boxes and stud terminals are normally located 180 degrees opposite the gap.